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hello!!! i'm 善文, 17, on the east coast of the US, perpetually obsessed with exo&infinite&shinee + other talented cute boys! i enjoy pretty words, soft blankets, and anything fresh out of the oven. if you manage to read anything i've written without cringing i will love you to the ends of the earth!!! please talk to me through comments, twitter, or!!

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also i have a fic rec here!

switch to ao3

wow i haven't posted here for a long time...... it's been a while since i really wrote anything too. but i think from now on, whatever i do write i will post on my ao3 account instead! formatting is a lot simpler there and it's easier to search through tags. not going to crosspost any of the fics here to ao3, and i probably won't crosspost ao3 stuff here either bc laziness. maybe i'll update my masterlist with links, but i'm not sure! 
pearl aqua jjong


jonghyun-centric ; ~600 words ; pg
he's not in the shadows anymore, but they're still inside of him.
a short exploration of slytherin!jonghyun inspired by the base album cover colors and the darkness in some of the teasers

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